Oct 2018

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AMtech day by L’Agefi 2018

Périclès Group is the moderator of 2 roundtables at the AMtech day by L’Agefi 2018. 

Bruno Baillavoine, Director – Périclès Group UK, is the moderator of the roundtable “Migrating into the cloud: any more reasons to hold back?”

  • What are the guarantees of security, compliance (GDPR) and confidentiality?
  • What process will be set up?
  • How is the cloud changing the way we work?
  • What savings can we hope for?
  • How do we talk about this with our clients?


– Frédéric AATZ, Infrastructure and hybrid cloud – Business group senior leader – MICROSOFT AZUR
– Géraud DE BONNAFOS, Director, head of customer services southern Europe – SIMCORP
– Philippe DUPUIS, Executive Director Wealth & Asset Management – VERMEG
– Jurgen FRIETSCH, Head of technology & procurement – GENERALI IE

Raphaël Cretinon
, Partner – Périclès Consulting, is the moderator of the roundtable “How to ensure data quality, security and availability?”

  • Who consumes what and how often?
  • What is the best organisational set-up, team and control plan?
  • Are data managers destined to become data producers?
  • What are the technological novelties at the service of data quality (RPA, Data Lake, etc.)?


Intervenants :
– Sandy DANET, Data management product director – NEOXAM
– Christophe MORIN, Head of data and pricing management services – OSTRUM AM
– Vincent STEFANOVIC, Vice president, sales director Southern Europe – STATE STREET
– Frédéric VALLUET, Solutions Director EMEA – MARKLOGIC

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