Oct 2016

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Agefi AMtech day 2016

Périclès Consulting participates in the 2016 edition of the Agefi AMtech day and hosted two round tables.

Pierre Baillavoine, Partner – Périclès Consulting, is the conference moderator of the rouund table « Reporting: how to satisfy its customers under constraint of solvency ? »

  • Main trends and evolutions in customer expectations
  • Standards versus personalization
  • Outsourcing versus internalization

Conference moderator: Pierre Baillavoine, Associé – Périclès Consulting
With the intervention of:

  • Rémi LAMAUD, Head of Financial Engineering  and Solvability II – LA BANQUE POSTALE AM
  • Jean-Robert HERVY, Chief Data Officer – OFI ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Caroline LE MEAUX, Responsible for delegated management – CAISSE DES DEPOTS

Raphaël Cretinon, Director – Périclès Consulting, is the conference moderator of the rouund table « What are the operating efficiency levers for portfolio manager? »

  • The expectations of asset managers in terms of operational efficiency
  • Concrete examples of implementation
  • How can process mapping be used for performance
  • The key role of KPIs and IT governance

Conference moderator: Raphaël Crétinon, Directeur – Périclès Consulting
With the intervention of:

  • Véronique UZAN, Director business solution – AMUNDI SERVICES
  • Ludovic RELANDEAU, VP, Managing Director French Operations – MEGA INTERNATIONAL
  • Thomas VAN CAUWELAERT, Sales Director – SIMCORP FRANCE


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