May 2017

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The “Grands Prix L’Agefi Actifs – Actifs de l’Innovation 2017”

For the 12th consecutive year, Périclès Consulting and Périclès Actuaires are members of the jury of the “Actifs de l’Innovation”, made up of consultants from the firm and journalists from L’Agefi Actifs.

The objective is to reward the financial product, life insurance or provident products distributed in France to customers exclusively patrimonials.

Products are analyzed from the point of view of innovation and originality for launched products or for new options offered on existing products.
This purely qualitative approach therefore integrates not only the concept and the technical aspects of the products, but also the added value of the associated services.

  • Olivier Benichou, Supervising Manager – Périclès Consulting
  • Denis Bourgeois, Partner – Périclès Actuarial
  • Nicolas Ducros, Head of Department – L’Agefi Actifs
  • David Farcy, Partner – Périclès Consulting
  • Wilfrid Kamtoh, Senior Manager – Périclès Consulting
  • Franck Joselin, Assistant Editor  – L’Agefi Actifs
  • Stéphane Le Lannou, Manager – Périclès Consulting
  • Cécilia Lhoste, Consultant Senior – Périclès Consulting
  • Anne Sophie Musset, Partner – Périclès Actuarial
  • Stéphanie Peyrard Colly, Communication Nanager – Périclès Group
  • Jean-François Tardiveau, Editor-in-chief – L’Agefi Actifs

Learn more about the “Actifs du Patrimoine 2017” : L’Agefi Actifs

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