Jan 2020

Trendbook 2020 Asset Management
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Trendbook 2020 – Asset Management

Complementing the Aspasia Circle Clubs, which bring together senior management from over one hundred operating businesses, the Périclès Group’s Trends Report presents the opinions of the firm’s consultants on the future short-term developments in their specialist practice areas.

This, our Second Edition of the publication, is dedicated to Asset Management.

You will find in it subjects as varied as SRI, data storage, the management of Chinese assets and real assets. What do you think about the war of the indexes? Have you ever thought about outsourcing the trading function or how to really get new fund distribution platforms off the ground? How will you react to the ‘tokenisation’ of assets or the entry into the market of new types of asset servicers? What are your thoughts about post-MiFID II research activities? What Fintech’s are still to be created?

Périclès Group’s consultants, specialists in Asset Management and Adminstration, provide insight, answers and reflections on their views of these important subjects. Our combined vision is what has distinguished our firm since its creation in 2001; we not only provide our experience, expertise, essential benchmarks and market context to our clients, but also take a pro-active and influencial part in the development in the professions in which we are involved.

We want the work and content of this document to be interactive – to capture your thoughts and provide inspiration for your future planning. We invite you to share your remarks with us, send us your comments and thereby increase our collaboration with you and the value that this can deliver.

Click here to download our Trendbook 2020 – Asset Management.

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