The client reporting offer for Management Companies has increased considerably in recent years. Factsheets and monthly performance awards are no longer the only reports provided by management companies.

Customer demands and regulations have forced Asset Managers to extend their reporting offer: personalized reporting, XLS export, transparent TPT, EMT, EPT, KIID PRIIPS, ESG reporting, etc.

In addition, the formats and distribution channels of the reports follow the digitalization of the economy. Paper has given way to PDF reporting distributed by email or via the management companies’ web portals. In addition, investor extranets are enriched with Data Visualization functionalities to bring more transparency. Production times have also become a customer servicing issue.

Finally, the customer reporting activity often draws on Data Management and data quality issues.

In this context, asset managers must define the right operational model and choose the right information system to support the activity of Client Reporting. Outsourcing the activity to a service provider can also prove to be a wise choice depending on the volume produced and the level of standardization expected.

Périclès Group assists management companies in defining the operational model of the client reporting activity, delegating reporting activity, selecting and then implementing dedicated software packages and in implementing the Data Visualization solution.

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