The keeping of securities and cash accounts is essential for the exercise of a private management activity. Some banks have their own chain and back office titles. Other players such as management companies or CGP need to call on specialized providers who provide them with the infrastructure and / or approval they need to exercise a private management activity.

Who is the best custody account keeper on the market?

The answer depends on the needs expressed by the private manager.

  • Does he need a BPO, ITO or both?
  • Is there a technical or legal account keeper?
  • What financial instruments should be kept?
  • Does he need a banking solution with means of payment?
  • Do you need a solution to manage credits and bank overdrafts?
  • What digital journey does he want to offer his customers?

All these questions, and many more, determine the private manager’s ideal partner for bookkeeping.

Périclès Group supports private managers in the selection of CAK through a proven method of drafting specifications and launching tenders. In addition, Périclès Group assists the players in framing and steering TCC migrations.

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