Presentation of the European Private Banking market:

The world has never created as many millionaires as it has in recent years. Outstandings of the 5 million European “High Net Worth Individuals” are growing rapidly and exceeded EUR 15,000 billion in 2018. This population needs specific banking services, adapted savings products and personalized wealth engineering. Despite this observation, private banks and private management in general are faced with several major strategic challenges:

The challenges of Private Banking:

  • Which customer segment should be addressed? What to do with the Client portfolio which is no longer in the target?
  • What range of services to offer customers?
  • How to rethink the customer experience in response to the expectations of new generations?
  • How to adapt the business model of private banking in a new environment less and less conducive to retrocessions of management fees?
  • How to lower the cost of the operational model while keeping a high level of customization?
  • How to put new technologies at the service of the private banker?
  • How to guarantee the conformity of activities in an increasingly restrictive environment?


These challenges lead private bankers to carry out projects to transform their offer, their operational model and their information system.

Périclès Group offers a range of advice tailored to private banking players to support them in their transformation projects.

Périclès Group’s involvement in Private Banking

Périclès Group runs the Private Banking Club which brings together professionals from the sector several times a year. The objectives of the club are to actively participate in developments in the sector, to promote exchanges, between colleagues, on a topical issue where regulations and to conduct market studies.

In addition, Périclès Group has references of significant assignments in Private Management.

Périclès Group’s advisory services for private banking:

Commercial Efficiency


Operational Efficiency




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