Private management players (private banking, private management, wealth management, etc.) are facing reductions in their main source of income, management fees and their retrocession.

They also face increasing demands from their customers in terms of quality of service and an increase in regulatory obligations. All other things being equal, the production costs of the sector tend to increase.

Private management players therefore have a vital need to control or even reduce their operating costs. We must do more, do better, do it faster, make it safer … with as much, or even less, financial or human resources.

The hunt for “waste”, the streamlining and simplification of processes and organizations, the search for a standardization of the quality of services have become necessary in order to maintain the level of profitability of their activities while improving customer satisfaction and development of outstandings.

Périclès Group has developed, in addition to its specialized business expertise, know-how in conducting operational efficiency projects using proven methods of process optimization such as Lean or Lean Six Sigma.

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