Cross border distribution is now organized around two main hubs: Luxembourg and Ireland. These two countries have become the main locations for UCITS funds in Europe.

Foreign Management companies, for their part, can choose to open an office in the European Union or to use a Management Company (ManCo) which will serve as a reception structure on European territory to obtain the famous passport to distribute their funds.

Likewise, many management companies in the United Kingdom want with Brexit to secure access to the European market for their funds. Conversely, European asset managers are thinking of setting up in the United Kingdom to address the very powerful domestic market.

In support of its European and Asian entities and its knowledge of local players, Périclès Group has developed expertise in the creation of a range of foreign funds and also assists Management Companies in the choice of local providers (ACD, ManCo, Transfer Agent, Custodian, Custodian, fund administrator…).

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